Precautions concerning the selection and use of connectors


  • To select a suitable connector, please consult with our sales staff about operating environment, mounting conditions, and other information (e.g. unsealed type for indoor compartment use, sealed type for engine compartment use ).
  • The specifications, and performance of a connector may significantly vary depending on changes in variable elements in the operating environment, such as the number of ways, wire size, ambient temperature, etc.
    The specifications stated in this catalog applies to a single terminal, and is not guaranteed when the terminal is inserted into a housing. For detailed electrical characteristics of each product, see the “Specifications" of the relevant series.
  • We have “Specifications" for connector performance and “Instruction Manuals" for connector usage, handling, and precautions, which are available for each connector series. Please be sure to read these in advance to select the appropriate connector and to use it correctly.
  • Some connector series require special attention during circuit checks, etc.
    *For example, dedicated circuit check jigs must be used for “SL series" and “SL sealed series."
  • Please consult with our sales staff when requesting applicable tools and jigs (crimping machines, crimping dies, terminal removal jigs etc.).
  • Although some connector specifications include drawings showing mating support, these drawings are provided only for reference. The manufacture of mating parts is not possible without consideration to dimensional tolerances, etc.
  • This catalogue include the parts that was designed and developed jointly with a customer and require prior approval before sales. Please contact our sales staff for details.
  • Product specifications may be subject to change without notice.
    Before using the product, please obtain a “customer drawing" “Specifications" “Instruction Manuals" from our sales staff.
    Please contact our sales staff for details.