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HFC series

HFC (High Frequency Connector) series are connectors that connect on-board multimedia devices, such as GPS, TV, VICS and etc., and coaxial wires. These are also suitable for mobile telephone and sensor circuit.

-It reduces reflection/transmission loss and restraints noise radiation. It achieved smaller size with higher performance.
-Hybrid types for high frequency coaxial wire and automobile wire (AV) are established. (It supports diversity receiving system).
-Retainer for secondary lock is assembled beforehand and the structure allows the high frequency coaxial wire and AV wire to be set by one operation. Therefore improvement of assemblingoperation can be planned.

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Series Type Contact Resistance Insulation Resistance Working Temperature VSWR MATERIAL
  • 1 way coaxial wire
  • 1 way coaxial wire + 4 way AV wire
  • 1 way coaxial wire + 6 way AV wire
  • 2 way coaxial wire + 1 way AV wire
  • 3 way coaxial wire + 6 way AV wire
Coaxial Wire
Max. 10mΩ (Initial)
AV Wire
Max. 5mΩ (Initial)
100MΩ or more -30℃ to +80℃
1.5 (average)
M Terminal
Inner conductor / Outer conductor : Brass (Sn plating)
F Terminal
Inner conductor : Phosphor bronze for spring (Sn plating)
Outer conductor : Brass (Sn plating)

Note) AV wire = Max. AVSS0.5mm2 (Terminal is TS 1.0 type).